Let the seating begin....

6' Banquet (Long)

8' Banquet (Long)

30" Round

60" Round

72" Round

Card Tables

$ 6.50

$ 6.90

$ 8.95

$ 8.25

$ 10.25

$ 4.95

6 - 8 People

8 - 10 People

2 - 4 People

6 - 8 People

8 - 10 People

4 People





Folding Chair      (Brown)

Folding Chair      (Black)

$ 1.10 each

$ 2.00 each

Helpful hints

While round tables are more personable and are usually the table of choice, there are a few things for you to consider. Round tables require more space and seat less. This is not usually a problem, unless you are limited on space, then you may want to use our banquet tables to maximize seating in smaller areas.

When planning events such as graduations or open house affairs, the first question is "how much seating should I have ?"  We suggest that you have enough seating for approximately half of your guests, because not every one will be attending at the same time, and people will mingle about.  This will keep your event from appearing to have a smaller turn out than expected by the amount of unused tables and chairs,  and this will help keep cost to a minimum.


Heavy Duty Disposable Table Covers

We carry plastic table covers  and skirts to fit long or round tables. They are available in a wide range of colors.

54" X 120" Table Cover
$ 2.50
90" Round Table Cover
$ 3.50

If plastic table covering is not quite what your looking for, we also carry linen table cloths and skirting  in a wide varity of colors also.