The Proven Event Stage System . . .• Indoor / Outdoor Portable Stage
• Indoor / Outdoor Riser System

The Multi-Stage® System is designed to provide a stage unit that is extremely versatile. Attractive yet rugged enough for many different types of community and social activities and events. You have a choice of various heights to choose from to meet your requirements. We can install heights at 4", 12",  or 24", and can provide stairs with safety rails. You may also choose to have the stage skirted to give it a more finished look. What ever your needs and specifications are, we are just a call away.

4' X 4'

4' X 8'

8' X 12'

12' X 12'

12' X 16'

16' X 16'

16' X 20'

20' X 20'

$ 20.00

$ 40.00

$ 120.00

$ 180.00

$ 240.00

$ 320.00

$ 400.00

$ 500.00

Listed below are some of the most common sizes, but certinally not the only options. The prices that are listed are for the stage only. Due the the various install options, please call for a quote on delivery and installation.

Common Size

Stage Price

Above sizes are the most common. However, we can create almost any size stage, riser, or runway to suit your specific needs.