Our grills are delivered to you clean and ready for use. The ease of use and the great taste of food cooked on charcoal make these grills a great accessory to any family reunion, company picnic, or any gathering where extra cooking space is needed.

"Charcoal Grills

Big John Grills

2' x 5' Charcoal Grill
with Screw-In Legs, 5" Casters
and Black Powder Coat Finish

5' Charcoal Grill     $ 80.00

( Charcoal Not Included )

*Line Charcoal firebox with aluminum foil.

*Remove grill top from firebox and spray with Pam or vegetable oil so food does not stick to grill top.

*Removing grill top immediately after cooking prevents grease from baking onto grill surface.

*Cold water poured onto hot coals in the firebox will seriously damage the grill. The sudden change in temperature causes the firebox to twist.

*After coals are cold, crumble aluminum foil with ash inside and dispose of in an approved manner


1. Be sure your grill was rented from Sharon's Party Rental, The best equipment at the best price

2. If using the entire 2' x 5' surface, start with 30 lbs of charcoal. (Use 15 to 18 lbs for 2' x 3' fires).

3. Make several small piles and use lighter fluid to light the piles.

4. Once the charcoal starts to turn white, spread the charcoal piles out in an even layer.

5. The charcoal is at its hottest and ready to cook on when it has a thin layer of white ash covering the pieces of charcoal.

6. If cooking for a prolonged period, the fire will need restocking over time. You may wish to have a separate container to start additional charcoal. You will need an additional 10 lbs. of charcoal for each hour of cooking time. Add your supplemental charcoal after it has been burning for at least 10 minutes.

7. Adding unlit charcoal during the cooking process will give your food a harsh taste.